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The naval and mechanical study NAVALE SUD INGEGNERIA was born with the need to provide technical support and advice to companies operating in the marine sector, in particular, and in the engineering sector in general.
The goal of the naval engineering study is to meet various technical requirements that may arise when operating in an environment like the sea.

The Architect naval and Naval Engineer Giuseppe Morabito is the chief of the study and works with other engineers in full cooperation and with maximum efficiency

Professional Aspects and Advantages

Naval engineering skill is the professional base of the naval technical study.

Clients can trust, in this way, to a professional figure who is proficient and recognized by law, able to solve every issues, both in naval field and in yachting.

Non Marine Services

The naval engineering study
NAVALE SUD INGEGNERIA is also involved in designing any kind of steel structure for use other than the naval, like the construction.

Trusting in services offered from our naval techincal study means to invest, in a clever and positive way, avoiding unpleasent surprises and unuseful costs for wrong investmenents.

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